CPA Rewards Minimum Deposit Minimum No of Account Minimum Volume
$25 per client $500 5-10 2 Standard Lot
$50 per client $500 10-25 2 Standard Lot
$75 per client $500 25-50 2 Standard Lot
$100 per client $500 50 & above 2 Standard Lot


Net Deposit Lots Amazon Vaucher
5,000 USD 25 lots $150
7,500 USD 40 lots $250
10,000 USD 50 lots $500
15,000 USD 75 lots $750
20,000 USD 100 lots $1000

Terms & Conditions

  1. Starts from 1st Jan 2021 to 31st January 2021.
  2. A new active trader is defined as a new registered individual, not having any account with YaMarkets to date.
  3. Minimum Deposit 500 USD
  4. Minimum 2 standard lot to be trade
  5. To be eligible for a prize, an affiliate must have a minimum of 5 accounts.
  6. Cash Reward will be calculated on 1st of Febuary 2021
  7. Cash reward will be credit on 5th of Febuary 2021
  8. Cash Reward will be credit on basis of Net Active account.
  9. Cash reward is available only on Ultimate and Standard account
  10. Sub-accounts do not count for “new open account” requirement.
  11. Internal transfers between accounts are not eligible for meeting the required “deposit” criteria.
  12. YaMarkets reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel the competition at any time without any prior notice.
  13. YaMarkets trading conditions apply on all trading accounts referred by the contestants.
  14. YaMarkets has the right to discard any trades that are not compliant with the trading conditions from the volume calculation.


Short-term gain

An affiliate gets a onc-time fixed reward if an attracted client meets certain conditions.

Active income

To get a long-term profit, an affiliate has to attract new clients all the time.

Focus on quantity

Affiliate's purpose is to attract clients as more as it is possible, Attracted clients, in turn, have once to meet certain conditions.

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