To develop a long term relationship and to encourage ourselves to focus towards next level,we are offering IB contest in which anyone can participate. We offer contest in terms of Deposit & lot size. Unlike any other forex broker, IB rebate and commission is different from IB contest.

YaMarkets introduces IB contest, the IB contest is designed to reward active and effective Introducing Brokers who able to scale different trading Volumes by the end of the month, Aside from your normal IB commission we further reward you with gifts as specified below for your hard work.

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  • Prizes
    Hero Electric Flash Scooty

    Hero Electric Flash Scootor

    Net Deposit - $12,500

    Volume - 75

    Hero Splender Bike

    Hero Splendor Bike

    Net Deposit - $20,000

    Volume - 125

  • Prizes
    Royal Enfield Bike

    Royal Enfield Bike

    Net Deposit - $30,000

    Volume - 175

    Suzuki Gixxer 250

    Suzuki Gixxer 250

    Net Deposit - $45,000

    Volume - 250

    Renault Kwid Std Model

    Renault Kwid Std Model

    Net Deposit - $60,000

    Volume - 350

    Baleno Sigma Petrol

    Baleno Sigma Petrol

    Net Deposit - $100,000

    Volume - 500

  • Prizes
    Hyundai Verna Petrol

    Hyundai Verna Petrol

    Net Deposit - $150,000

    Volume - 700

    Mahindra Thar ax Diesel

    Mahindra Thar ax Diesel

    Net Deposit - $200,000

    Volume - 900

    Audi Q2

    Audi Q2

    Net Deposit - $350,000

    Volume - 2,000

Terms & Conditions
  1. The contest will run from 01st Feb 2021 until 31st March 2021.
  2. Participants shall be eligible to redeem the Prize based on the Deposit Target and Volume Target accumulated based on net deposit and trading volume scores, as deposited and traded by their directly introduced clients.
  3. Deposit Target is calculated by accumulated net deposits (deposits – withdrawals) to the Clients directly introduced by the Affiliate only, towards the Deposit Target.
  4. Volume Target is calculated by accumulated volume in standard lot size, traded by the Clients directly introduced by the Affiliate only, counted from the date of an Affiliate’s registration to Yamarkets IB Contest Febuary 2021
  5. Affiliate can monitor his Deposit and Volume Targets on his Ib CRM area.
  6. The Affiliate’s own accounts are excluded from the YaMarkets IB promotion, therefore deposits and volume traded on Affiliate’s own trading account shall not be counted towards the Deposit and Volume Targets.
  7. The Deposits and trading volume of Clients introduced by sub-Affiliates of the Affiliate shall not be counted towards the Deposit and Volume Targets.
  8. The positions opened by Clients introduced by the Affiliate, prior his registration for the YaMarkets HAPPY RIDE IB Contest shall not be counted towards the Affiliate’s Volume Target.
  9. Only forex, gold, silver and cryptocurrency positions traded by Clients directly introduced by the Affiliate shall be counted towards the Affiliate’s Volume Target.
  10. Only active client accounts during the contest period will be considered for the calculation of volume.
  11. Only closed deals(trades) are taken into calculation. Open trades will not contribute in volume calculation
  12. The Affiliate is eligible to claim ONE (1) Prize only in the YaMarket IB Contest 2021.Contest subject to satisfying deposit and trading volume requirements within the specified time period.
  13. Date of announcement of the Contest results: 5 March 2021
  14. The Company reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to unilaterally modify, change orterminate the YaMarkets HAPPY RIDE IB Contest 2021 or any of the Terms and Conditions included herein,at any time without the Affiliate’s consent.

How does it work?

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  • 01. Sign Up

    Open a LIVE trading account and submit your documents to verify your account. Hurry, your account will need to be fully approved before you start trading!

  • 02. Fund your Account

    Make a deposit of USD 300 or more, or the equivalent in EUR/JPY/ GBP/BTC using any of our payment methods.

  • 03. Trade, Trade, Trade

    Trade for one month, from the first day of each month until the last day of each month, showcasing your skills. The contest runs every month!